New Brand Alert: Powder Accessories

New Brand Alert: Powder Accessories

Powder design accessories

Introducing our Newest brand Powder! Powder, founded in 2009, has grown into the leading brand in the UK for truly unique fashion accessories. Powder products are effortlessly feminine and wearable, evoking glamour and fun, and come with beautiful packaging, making them the perfect gift for a loved one or special treat for yourself. Our new range features accessories which are perfect for Summer!

Here’s a pick of our top 5 favourite Powder accessory pieces:

 Powder design accessories at Jewella


1. Powder Paisley Print Beach Bag, £28

2. Powder Mocha Bardot Sunglasses, £28

3. Powder Cannes Clutch Bag, £14

4. Powder Marnie Sun Hat, £33

5. Powder Satin Paisley Print Scarf, £18